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About is a fantastic service! GO GREEN and use the computer screen or generate a report to save in your computer, print or email to clients. It is a cost effective way to handle the administration of chain work and at the same time, provides Interpretations and remedies. Pay by the day or economical yearly rates. It is for those familiar with SAF chain work. works seamlessly with the online Stress 120, Q24, and SAF-120 Questionnaires, but chains can also be typed in manually.

After you've opened an account at SAFonline, you can access chains and the standard interpretations are quickly displayed - Lead, Core, Anchor, Up-links, and Operative Words. The SAF student and practitioner can get right to the business of the emotional release work. For a full understanding of SAF chain Interpretations, Level 1 Training is essential.

If you're looking for remedies, you'll find fresh ideas here. No more guesswork!
Interpretation Remedies: * Indicates a companion book is available

Each of these client-specific Interpretations will open a new door for your business - together we can help it GROW. Get ready for new clients with the invigorating concepts found only at

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